3T Talking to Fernando Halman about their new album “Chapter III”

TJ ‘’ We owe our fans all over the world new music’’

TJ: ‘’It took a good ten years since our last release’’ It wasn’t just all studio, as you know we went through some times, we lost our uncle, a big part of the family’’.
My brothers and my focus turned to our cousins.

3T said that they put this album together for all the fans across the world that have been so patient and supportive all these years. The name of the album was chosen because it’s the third instalment and also a new chapter in their lives meaning : a new turning point. Taj ‘’ We went through a lot of different album titles trying to find the right one’’
Track number 8 on the album ‘’I Do’’ was finished for Taj’s wedding. Taj ‘’It’s the perfect song to get married too.’’
TJ ‘’ We owe our fans all around the world new music’’
TJ ‘’At the top of the year we’re gonna come out with an official single’’

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