Kranium told FunX radio host Fernando Halman that he looks up to Shaggy and that He’s like a mentor to him. Kranium also told NandoLeaks: ”There are no features on this album. This is my introduction project”. Kranium told Fernando that his new single ‘Stamina’ will be dropping soon. He takes his time and doesn’t watch the hype, quality music lasts.

Kranium – Nobody Has To Know ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Official Video)

A couple of days ago an acoustic version of ”Nobody Has To Know” surfaced on YouTube. When you break down a song like this, it’s then you hear even more how brilliant and strong a song is.

Kranium – Nobody Has To Know (Acoustic Version)

Kranium – Can’t Give A Fuck

Kranium Feat. Troy Ave ” Lifestyle ”

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