I meet a lot of people when I’am working as a DJ and a music Journalist. Over the years I have had the privilege to interview people like Rihanna, 50 Cent , The Rock,  Tamer Hosny , Carole Samaha and many more. I love music and I love finding new sounds online and sharing it with the world through my platform NandoLeaks. A couple of weeks ago I was surfing on the net and heard the song ‘Habibi Yalla’ by Laith Abu Joda and I liked it.  When I spoke with Laith I felt a great connection and good vibes. He’s a special guy with good energy and has a great message in his music. I hope he becomes even bigger than he is.

In our conversation he also spoke about with which artists he would love to work with in the future and why he has a dead woman in his new video that’s coming out in December. In my morning show on FunX Radio I  played his music and received great response from my listeners.

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Laith Abu Joda – Habibi Yalla

Laith Abu Joda (Allah Ysamhna) – ليث أبو جودة ) الله يسامحنا )

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