I have been playimg Wizkid’s music for a while now . In my eyes he’s one of Africa’s great talents with an infectious flow and captivating voice. If you listen closely to his international hit ‘’Ojuelegba’’ you will hear him recount his attempts to break into music as a teenager, navigating the city amongst sex workers, traders, tailors, commuters and area voice. He sings In the hook the catchy phrase …. I can’t explain

I am feeling good tonight
This thing got me thanking God for life
Oh, I can’t explain

Wizkid “ The biggest thing in Nigerian pop’’ was in Amsterdam and sat down with Dutch/Aruban Radio DJ Fernando. Wizkid spoke about how it was to work with some of the biggest names in music on his new project. He also explained how he stays humble as a superstar.


I’ve been working on my EP for two years now. I have Chris Brown , Trey Songz, Tinie Tempah and Diplo on it as well. Plus I got a song with 2 face idibia on this project.
Wizkid:’’Diplo we met through twitter you know. He followed me and I followed back. He said he was a fan of my work and I also was a fan of his.
So we just linked up and started vibing.

How did you end up on the Major Lazer single ‘Boom’ with Kranium and Ty Dolla Sign?

I was in the studio with Ty Dolla Sign in L.A and he played me the song. He said yo we have this record produced by Diplo. And we don’t have a hook for it and I was like sure, I could do something.
I just did the hook without even knowing it was going to make the album.

Boom Hook:
Girl, please, please, baby, don’t leave
You got that booty, booty boom bam ba
Baby give me that boom bam ba
Baby girl, please, please, baby, don’t leave
You got that booty, booty boom bam ba
Baby give me that boom bam ba

Why an Ep and not a full length album?

I’am working on it like an album to be honest. There are going to be 10 tracks on it. It’s a subtle introduction to the sounds of Wiz. It’s called ‘’Sounds From The Other Side’’ I have Chris Brown on records that are produced by my producers, written by me with my sound.
I also have Trey Songz working with my producers and singing my words using my sound.
Everybody that works with me is coming on my zound. We’re trying to make it global.

How was working with R.Kelly?

There is never pressure working with big names in the industry, because i just do what is expected of me to do.

Which artist impressed you the most in the studio?

Chris is so amazing and talented. I was shocked in the studio that he was willing to listen and go with my vibe. I just told him to bounce a certain way on the music and he just did it with no hesitation. Everyone I have worked with has been cool and easy to work with.

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