New Music: Rick Ross feat. Nas – ‘One of Us’

Nas spits jewels “We won’t self-indict ourselves, be our own prosecutor, won’t 25-to-life ourselves”

Rick Ross will release his eighth album Black Market On Dec 4.

1. “Free Enterprise” feat. John Legend
2. “Smile Mama, Smile” feat. CeeLo Green
3. “One of Us” feat. Nas
4. “Silk Road”
5. “Color Money”
6. “Dope Dick”
7. “Crocodile Python”
8. “Ghostwriter”
9. “Black Opium” feat. DJ Premier
10. “Can’t Say No” feat. Mariah Carey
11. “Peace Sign”
12. “Very Best” feat. Mary J. Blige
13. “Sorry” feat. Chris Brown
14. “D.O.P.E.” feat. Future
15. “Foreclosures”
16. “Money Dance” feat. The-Dream
17. “Carol City”

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