NandoLeaks: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About 2Pac!!

1.Before 2 Pac signed to Death Row He wanted to quit rapping, but the beef with The Notorious B.I.G sparked his anger and made him return.

2.Shakur, under his new stage name Makaveli, completed The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory in seven days, using three days to write and record the songs and four days to mix the album.

3.Shakur was supposed to play a lead role in Menace II Society, but after an altercation with co-director Allen Hughes, he was replaced with Larenz Tate.

4.According to Shakur, while filming Poetic Justice, he was asked to take an HIV test before he could film a love scene with Janet Jackson.

5.In 1993, Rashida Jones, then 17, wrote an angry letter to Shakur after he criticized her father, Quincy Jones, for having relationships with white women.

6.Me Against the World hit number one on the Billboard 200, making Shakur the first artist to accomplish this feat while serving a prison sentence.

7.After Shakur was cremated, members of the Outlawz mixed some of his ashes with marijuana and smoked it.
Shakur shot two off-duty police officers. However, charges were dropped when it was discovered that the officers were drunk, in possession of stolen weapons, and lied to police officers.

8.Shakur’s real name was Lesane Parish Crooks.

9.Shakur was named after the South American revolutionary Túpac Amaru.

10.He attended Baltimore School for the Arts, where he took ballet classes. He also played the role of The Mouse King in the Nutcracker.

2Pac and Suge Knight were planning up putting up a Death Row East records. He was also interested in signing Wu Tang Clan.
2Pac was planning on starting his own radio station on the Westside.

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